Changes Coming To Darlington Town Centre?

6th October 2022
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Suburban living is great for many reasons, and a lot of families like moving out to somewhere they have more space. Remote working creates far more opportunities for people to choose a home with space and less around them.

However, town centres are still vital for housing markets, even when people move further afield. There will always be people looking to live in or very close to the heart of town. While some people appreciate peace and space, others appreciate convenience, and being close to where the action is. This means there is always a need for homes in and around a town centre.

Good town centres have so much impact on people and business

You also need to have a good town centre with shops and entertainment options, no matter where people live. Just because people move to the suburbs doesn’t mean they never want to visit a town centre, and if there is more to do in the heart of town, more people will attend this location regularly.

There is no denying online shopping, out of town shopping centres, the impact of the pandemic and of course, the current economic crisis impact town centres. There have been better times for these locations, but they are far from finished, and there is hope that a redevelopment of Skinnergate in Darlington might revitalise that part of town.

New homes are needed in Darlington

Plans are with Darlington Borough Council to demolish and redevelop parts of the area, including removing shops and warehouses. In their place will be houses, flats and units combining ground floor shops and flats. There is no denying mixed-use options create a sense of community, and this might be the boost that Skinnergate needs.

There are many vacant units in this part of town, and it is far to say the area has seen better days. There is such a rich sense of history here that it would be a shame if it was lost.

History must be preserved as much as it can

The plans are such that they aim to preserve the appearance and historical nature of the listed buildings, and make sure that the Darlington Conservations Area remains at the forefront.

The works, on balance, are considered to preserve the architectural and historic significance of the Listed Buildings and both preserve and enhance the character and appearance of the Darlington Conservation Area.

Hopefully, if these plans come to fruition, they might provide Darlington with a fresh outlook.

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