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Darlington Has Green Space Of The Highest Calibre

When it comes to buyers finding a perfect home, or households feeling settled, there is so much to think about outside of the property. Local surroundings are essential, and it is no exaggeration to state the availability and condition of local parks is essential in making people feel at home. This is why it is tremendous to hear that two parks in Darlingto...

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Wynyard Sold Prices Up Sharply On Last Year – How To Succeed In Market

With property prices in Wynyard rising significantly in the past 12 months, buyers and sellers have issues to consider. This might seem like an ideal time to place a Wynyard property on the market, but can you be sure you’ll get the best price for it? We are pleased to say we are highly skilled and experienced in the property market, and if you want h...

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First Time Buyers Still Big Part Of Property Market

Even when you consider the barriers to stepping onto the property ladder, many first-time buyers, or FTBs, still operate in the market. A recent study by Stipendium suggests that one in ten first-time buyers undertakes all English property transactions. The company analysed stamp duty receipts for FTBs and found that more than 1 million transactions occurre...

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Calls For Green Policies In Darlington

At Anthony Jones, we take great interest in the local area and the impact possible changes or developments will have on the area. Yes, like many parts of the country, Darlington requires more homes. However, these homes cannot be magicked out of thin air. This means you need to consider the land used for property development, and not all land is equal. We d...

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Are You Overvaluing Your Home? Avoid This Housing Trap

You should take pride in your home. The work, effort and stress most homeowners go through to buy and maintain their home means that you should feel incredibly proud of it and yourself. However, you mustn’t let pride or admiration for your home run away with you. A recent study indicates many homeowners overvalue their property by an average of 8%. A...

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Bad Property Listing Photos Turn Off Buyers

The camera never lies…but in the modern era, it can manipulate things to appear better than they are. It is vital to showcase your home in the best possible light, but you must offer a realistic view of your home. At Anthony Jones, we are pleased to say we have worked closely with many Darlington homeowners, helping them sell their homes. We know th...

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Thousands Of Homes Set For Wynyard?

While there are many great homes on the market in Wynyard, the demand for property here means that there is a need for a lot more. If you are looking to sell your Wynyard home, you’ll be delighted to know there is a lengthy list of buyers looking for homes. If you want to connect with property buyers in Wynyard, Anthony Jones is here to help you. We h...

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House Prices Continue To Hit Record Highs

There is a saying that “records are made to be broken”, but they probably shouldn’t be broken every month. However, this appears to be the case in the UK housing market. We see a great deal of activity and excitement about property in Wynyard and surrounding areas at a local level. At Anthony Jones, we know there is considerable demand for...

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Darlington Property Moves – Even Football Is Getting Involved

At Anthony Jones, we know the importance of a property move and how it can help you move forward in life. We are pleased to say that we have helped many Darlington home movers and know the impact a new home makes. So, we are very keen for the local football team, Darlington FC, to experience that feeling soon! There is light at the end of the tunnel&hellip...

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How Important Is Interior Style For Home Buyers

Given taste and style is often a matter of personal preference, it is interesting to note how many people claim one look or appearance is more appealing to others. This is the case in the property market. There is no denying that presenting your home is vital and that agents advise homeowners to style their home to suit the tastes of the most likely buyer....

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Spring Forward – Property Transactions Still Rising

According to HMRC figures, residential property transactions stood at 110,990 in March 2022. This is up 18.2% compared to February 2022 but a 36.2% fall compared to March 2021. This sounds like a negative outcome, but it is essential to consider what was happening in the UK housing market in March 2021. This is when frenzied behaviour due to the stamp duty...

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Wynyard Park Developments Boost Local Area

It is a great joy to see Wynyard develop in front of our eyes, and there is further good news for those with interest here. A multi-million-pound development will make life easier for locals and usher in jobs. The £17m redevelopment plans at Wynyard Park include a supermarket and a wide range of stores. The supermarket is scheduled to cover 46,000 sq...

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Pitching In To Make Darlington Even Better

We think Darlington is a brilliant place, but there is always room for improvement. It is brilliant to see local people pitch in and positively impact the local area. Going green is an essential part of life these days, and a modest piece of Darlington will look better thanks to the planting of 70 trees recently. This work is part of the Queen’s Plat...

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You already know that Government jobs are coming to Darlington, but there continues to be exciting developments in this area.A ground-breaking development has occurred in the local jobs market. For the first time, a “private office role” has been advertised by the Treasury outside of London. The post of Assistant Private Secretary to the Excheque...

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Even when the demand for homes is far greater than the supply of property, selling your home can be challenging.You want to get ahead of other homeowners who are looking to sell their house, and you want to achieve the best possible price for your home.It stands to reason that many homeowners who are keen to sell turn to experts for help. At Anthony Jones, w...

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