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10th April 2024
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More jobs heading to the local area?

Exciting developments are happening in Darlington as the Government Property Agency (GPA) has officially lodged a planning application with the Darlington Borough Council for a striking four-storey edifice within the Darlington Economic Campus (DEC). With construction pegged to kick off later this year and wrap up by early 2027, this project marks a significant boost to the local economy and infrastructure.

The government is pouring a substantial £118 million into this venture, aiming to decentralise its workforce by relocating 1,450 civil servants to the new offices on Brunswick Street. This move is part of a broader strategy to distribute jobs and economic benefits more evenly across the UK, pulling focus away from London.

Upon completion, the Brunswick Street building will join forces with Feethams House and Bishopsgate House, creating a formidable government campus right in the heart of Darlington town centre. This expansion will escalate the number of Darlington-based civil servants to over 2,300.

Darlington has welcomed many professionals to the area

Already, Darlington is home to over 800 civil servants from eight distinct departments, including high-profile names such as the Treasury, the Department for Education, and the Department for Business & Trade—the latter considering Darlington its second home. The Darlington Economic Campus is also the chosen base for the Department for Levelling Up, Housing & Communities, the Office for National Statistics, the Department for Culture, Media & Sport, the Competition & Markets Authority, and the Department for Energy Security & Net Zero.

The influx of government departments into Darlington heralds a myriad of benefits for the community and the property market alike. It's not just about creating jobs; it's about stimulating the local economy, enhancing public services, and making Darlington an even more desirable place to live. For the property market, this move signals a potential uptick in demand for housing, as more civil servants and their families look to relocate closer to work.

It also hints at a positive shift in market dynamics, with increased investment and development opportunities likely to follow. In essence, the government's commitment to Darlington is a glowing endorsement of the town's growth potential and its pivotal role in the broader strategy to balance economic growth across the UK.

During his visit to meet with senior officials based in Darlington today, Alex Burghart, the Parliamentary Secretary for the Cabinet Office, met with senior officials in Darlington and said: “Brunswick Street, situated right in the heart of Darlington, will soon be home to a critical government hub, and as the government footprint in North England continues to grow, we will create further opportunities for people from across the country to work in the civil service. This is an incredibly exciting time for Darlington as we begin the process of delivering a landmark, sustainable, place-making building which the entire community can take pride in. Not only will this help drive regional economic growth, but it will also ensure that we create a civil service that better represents the diverse communities it serves.”

As you’d expect, other officials were keen to be involved.

Second Permanent Secretary to the Treasury Beth Russell, based in Darlington, said: “Today marks a major milestone for the Darlington Economic Campus as it moves one step closer to its permanent home. We are already giving hundreds of local people the opportunity to work at the heart of government from here in the north east, making government policymaking more reflective of the communities we serve.”

Another professional based in Darlington is Jo Crellin, Director General Economic Security and Trade Relations, who said: “We’re proud to have a strong presence at the campus in Darlington, with brilliant people working alongside the other departments on campus to support economic growth and help UK businesses across the country. Planning for a new building reflects the success of the whole campus in moving roles to the north east and helping people grow or start their civil service career here.”

It is fair to say you shouldn’t always take MPs and Government officials at face value when they make big promises, especially in an election year. However, we’ve all seen at first-hand the changes in Darlington in recent years, and more of the same would be extremely welcome.

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