Wynyard Park Developments Boost Local Area

13th May 2022
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It is a great joy to see Wynyard develop in front of our eyes, and there is further good news for those with interest here. A multi-million-pound development will make life easier for locals and usher in jobs.

The £17m redevelopment plans at Wynyard Park include a supermarket and a wide range of stores. The supermarket is scheduled to cover 46,000 sq ft, and there will be other food and drink facilities on site.

It is believed that one of the leading supermarket operators will take over the site. There will also be two drive-in outlets at the park, and notable names hold an interest in these sites.

Energy-conscious plans are good for the local area

Initial plans also include nine counter units available for other trade. An exciting part of the plans consists of a battery compound. Outside of peak times, this compound stores energy and supplies it back to the national grid for use when demand is higher.

In these energy-conscious times, this is an interesting feature that is likely to win the approval of many people.

If the project is a success, there is land to the south and east of the supermarket available for further development. This provides additional incentive for the project amongst locals. If things go well, other shops and jobs are likely to come the way of Wynyard.

Supermarket shopping is convenient for many property buyers

There is no denying there is significant demand for this outlet in Wynyard. Many residents travel to Stockton or Billingham for their “big shop”. Not everyone wants to shop online or is capable of doing so. Having an outlet like this on your doorstep is a great comfort to many, and it makes Wynyard even more appealing to prospective home buyers.

There is also a likely job boost with this project.

There is hope this development will create close to 180 jobs when complete. Also, there are jobs for the construction phase of the project.

Anything which creates jobs and stimulates the local economy is of interest, and this plan at Wynyard Park has great potential for the local area.

Guy Munden is the development planner at Northumberland Estates, and he spoke to Teesside Live, saying; “This development will help to better meet local retail needs, and reduce the need for people to travel to large stores elsewhere, including in Stockton and Billingham. With an increasing local population and further planned housing development, Wynyard Park will benefit from new, locally available, retail facilities which cater for weekly food shopping trips. This scheme will also help to create significant new employment for the area and make additional land ready to cater for any further demand from operators that emerges.”

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