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24th August 2022
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Even though some analysts believe there will be a tail-off in demand for homes soon, this hasn’t materialised in the market yet. At Anthony Jones Properties, we know there is huge demand for homes in areas like Wynyard, and new developments are required.

Also, any existing homeowner looking to sell their home will find there is significant demand for their home. If you are looking to connect with likely buyers, we can help you.

What do market specialists say about demand outstripping supply in the housing market?

Richard Combellack, Chief Commercial Officer at BriefYourMarket, says: “The 62-week pre-Covid average is an excellent baseline, as all data during the pandemic would obviously not give us an accurate picture due to the unprecedented circumstances influencing the market. While vendor and landlord enquiries were elevated at the start of the year, we have seen figures return to baseline numbers, which means we are seeing a more normalised market in terms of the numbers of vendors and landlords leads. Conversely, buyer and tenant leads have remained elevated during the first two quarters of the year.”

Combellack concluded by saying; “New buyer enquires were at 102.46% at the end of June with demand 2.46% above the pre-Covid average. This has dropped from the 2022 buyer enquiry peak of 142.98% seen during January but is still higher than the baseline. In the lettings sector, tenant enquires were at 186.80%, or 86.80% above the average at the end of June. June was a record month for the year in terms of tenant enquires, with the all-time high seen in May 2020 when tenant enquiries reached 250.19% or 150.19% above the baseline.”

How is the house market faring in Wynyard?

As of August 2022, Rightmove says the following about house prices in Wynyard;

Properties in Wynyard had an overall average price of £466,944 over the last year.

The majority of sales in Wynyard during the last year were detached properties, selling for an average price of £501,797. Semi-detached properties sold for an average of £258,332, with terraced properties fetching £360,000.

Overall, sold prices in Wynyard over the last year were 15% up on the previous year and 7% up on the 2013 peak of £437,262.”

What is the split of property listed for sale in Wynyard?

As of the 1st of August 2022, Rightmove lists 89 properties for sale in Wynyard, and these properties can be broken down as follows:

  • 77 detached properties
  • 4 semi-detached properties
  • 4 terraced properties
  • 1 flat
  • 2 bungalows
  • 1 plot of land

While Rightmove is the leading property portal in the UK, it isn’t the only option, and this isn’t the full story of what is happening in the Wynyard housing market. There will be more properties listed for sale in Wynyard, above and beyond what is available on Rightmove. However, the significant proportion of detached properties indicates this is the most typical property type available in Wynyard.

Contact Anthony Jones for all Wynyard property matters

If you are looking for help with any matter of the Wynyard property market, it is best to speak to property professionals. No one knows for sure what is going to happen next, so we won’t claim to have all the answers, but the Anthony Jones team is keen to help you as best we can. If you would like to contact us over housing matters, please call us today on 01325 776424.

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