How Important Is Interior Style For Home Buyers

25th May 2022
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Given taste and style is often a matter of personal preference, it is interesting to note how many people claim one look or appearance is more appealing to others.

This is the case in the property market. There is no denying that presenting your home is vital and that agents advise homeowners to style their home to suit the tastes of the most likely buyer.

Usually, this is the best way to go about things. Of course, there are no guarantees in life, and sometimes, people fall in love with homes for the strangest reasons.

Yet, if you look at the property market as a percentages game, there is a lot to be said for playing safe. We have seen this over the years at Anthony Jones Properties, and it is a theme of a recent study carried out by Hammonds Furniture.

Now, as a furniture company, they are likely to be biased in the reporting of fashion and furniture! Nevertheless, it is an interesting talking point for homeowners looking to connect with buyers in the housing market.

Home style is vital when connecting with buyers

The study shows that 40% of British respondents say the way a home is decorated is a leading priority when looking to buy a home.

The same source also stated the 448,000 monthly Google searches (on an average over the year) relating to interior design styles. There is no denying people have an interest in interior design and making homes look as good as possible.

The survey says 46% of men found the interior style crucial in house hunting, while only 36% of women felt this. This outcome might challenge some preconceived notions, but it doesn’t tell the whole story. It is great to see men take a noted interest in how a home looks, as everyone should care about what their house looks like.

Of course, it might be that women are more interested in functional and practical aspects of the property. Every feature and element influences what people think of homes, but it is good to see many people take an interest in the appearance of a home.

Minimalism works for buyers

The survey suggests a minimalist style is a leading option amongst homebuyers. The study also found the average homebuyer is willing to offer close to £4,000 above the asking price for a property which meets this aesthetic. 11% of respondents say they would offer close to £5,000 for a minimalist property.

If your home currently has a bold and colourful look, you might want to think again before taking your home to market.  Close to a third of property buyers said they would make an offer below the asking price for a bright-looking property. 31% of house hunters said they would make a below-asking price offer for bohemian properties, art deco homes, and houses with a mid-century modern style.          

This suggests having an arty home is all well and good if you intend to live there for many years. However, if you hope to sell your home soon, you should take a minimalist approach to connecting with buyers.

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