Celebrating Darlington: A Top Independent High Street in the UK

12th July 2023
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At Anthony Jones, we love hearing great news about the local area, and this is why we are thrilled to share exciting news about Darlington's town centre! Renowned entrepreneur Holly Tucker, MBE, has recently launched Holly & Co's Campaign Shop Independent to highlight the significance of supporting local businesses and celebrating independent high streets.

As part of this initiative, Darlington has been hailed as one of the best independent high streets in the country by Holly herself.

Shining a Light on Darlington

Holly Tucker, the visionary behind notonthehighstreet and Holly & Co, has identified Darlington's town centre as an exceptional hub for independent businesses. This recognition serves as a testament to the town's vibrant entrepreneurial spirit and the remarkable contributions of local traders. Darlington's independent high street offers a diverse range of unique products and services, contributing to the town's distinct character and fostering a sense of community.

A Mark of Achievement

To commemorate this prestigious recognition, independent traders throughout Darlington's town centre will be proudly flying special flags. These flags symbolise the achievements and collective efforts of the local business community. They serve as a visual reminder of the town's thriving independent scene and act as an invitation for residents and visitors alike to explore and support the remarkable businesses that call Darlington home.

Shop Independent Day: Voting with Your Money

By choosing to shop with independent businesses, locals directly contribute to the success and growth of their town, in this case, our town, Darlington. Each purchase becomes a vote of support for the hardworking entrepreneurs, artisans, and creatives who pour their passion and dedication into their businesses.

The Significance of Supporting Local

Supporting independent businesses goes beyond the act of purchasing goods or services. When you shop local, you contribute to a thriving community and help sustain the unique character of Darlington. Independent traders often offer personalised customer experiences, curated selections, and a genuine connection to the town. By supporting these businesses, you foster a sense of belonging and contribute to the economic resilience of our community.

Chris McEwan, cabinet member for economy said: “Darlington is a treasure trove of fantastic independent retailers so I wholeheartedly support Holly & Co’s Shop Independent Day and we are delighted to receive this recognition from Holly Tucker. It will be wonderful to see the flags flying through the town, highlighting the vast array of shops which stem from the creativity and enterprising spirit we have throughout the town. I encourage everyone to buy local even if it’s just one or two items a week. We should all get behind our local independent shops to help them flourish.”

The Northern Echo published quotes from a number of local store owners, giving a flavour of what entrepreneurs think. Gemma Whiteley is the owner of preloved and homemade children’s wear shop, Stork and Thereafter in Queen’s Street Shopping Centre said: “We're just one of the many independents in this fantastic town, so we'll be flying the flag for all of Darlington's indies."

Helen Sullivan is from Echo 3 coffee house and roastery in Clark’s Yard, and she said: “Echo 3 loves being part of the ever-growing independent businesses in Darlington. We will be flying the flag with pride in support of all the small independent businesses that make our town such a great place to visit.”

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