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13th July 2022
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At Anthony Jones, we take great interest in the local area and the impact possible changes or developments will have on the area. Yes, like many parts of the country, Darlington requires more homes.

However, these homes cannot be magicked out of thin air. This means you need to consider the land used for property development, and not all land is equal. We do not want to lose a lot of green space and places of historical value in and around Darlington.

There is interest in Darlington

The greenery of Darlington has been a talking point for politicians of late, with the co-leader of the Green Party taking an interest in the local area. Carla Denyer is a party co-leader, and she met with local green councillors, catching up with school students and businesses.

The tour also took in Skerningham Community Woodland, a site that is a hot topic. There are plans to build more than 4,000 homes in the area on a close to 500-hectare site.

Carla Denyer, as reported by the Northern Echo, said; “I’ve been on a beautiful walk to see some of the important biodiversity of the wood, with the rare trees and a lot of red listed birds, along with other wildlife. I can see why local people are concerned about development. Bryony and Matthew are working very closely with this campaign and working to change those proposals. But ultimately with just two of them there they are limited with what they can do. That’s why we want to substantially increase our numbers at the next election to challenge decisions being made by Labour and Conservatives.”

What positive changes can be made in Darlington?

Matthew Snedker is the leader of the Green group in Darlington, with Matthew having previously described Skerningham as the “jewel in the crown” of the town. Matthew also said; “There are so many great green policies that would benefit Darlington. Better quality housing, efficient public transport, improving our waste recycling system and using the council’s buying power to make sure that local and regional firms get the best deals.”

While the trip was an attempt to win votes and develop an interest in the party, there is no denying mature discussions must be held concerning property development in and around Darlington. Areas like Skerningham Community Woodland are vital for residents of all ages, and we cannot be in a rush to lose these places from the local area.

We need more homes in and around Darlington, but it might require creativity to balance the needs of homebuyers and the beauty of the local area.

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